Exhibition of Paintings at New Cut Arts, Halesworth, Suffolk

by Frank Beanland & Emily Gwynne-Jones

21st July - 29th August 2009

Concourse and Malt Room

Frank Beanland

Emily and Frank Beanland were founder members of The Cut. The roof leaked and The Malt Room Gallery and The Concourse were a distant dream, but their initial enthusiasm and involvement laid the foundations for The Cut we know today.

Frank Beanland

Frank Beanland and Portleven, Swansea, Vance, Walberswick, Frostenden, Nice, Bramfield, Santorini, Fressingfield. 1965 - 2009.

Emily Gwynne-Jones ~ Here Today - Gone Tomorrow

I am drawn to subject matter that reflects the transcience of life. Shadows, candle light, wild flowers, islands, boats, storms, and recently the medium for exploring this has become glass. Complementing this is my lasting concern with painting people working both from life and from memory.

Exhibition is free.
The galleries are open from 10:30am-3pm.
For further information ring Aafke (Publicity) on 01986 873285

or email: info@newcut.org

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